(s)nē- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root (s)nē-: aglaonema, axoneme, chromonema, needle, nematic, nemato-, protonema, snood, synaptinemal complex, treponema.


To spin, sew.

Oldest form *(s)neh1-, becoming *(s)nē-.
1. Suffixed form *nē-tlā-. needle from Old English nǣdl, needle, from Germanic *nēthlō.
2. Suffixed form *snē-mn̥. nemato-; aglaonema, axoneme, chromonema, protonema, synaptinemal complex, treponema from Greek nēma, thread.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *snō-tā-. snood from Old English snōd, headband, from Germanic *snōdō.

[Pokorny (s)nē- 973.]

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