angh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root angh-: agnail, anger, angina, angst, anguish, anxious, quinsy.


Tight, painfully constricted, painful.

Oldest form *ang̑h-, becoming *angh- in centum languages.

Derivatives include anger, hangnail, quinsy.

1. agnail, hangnail from Old English ang-nægl, "painful spike (in the flesh)" corn, excrescence (nægl, spike; see nogh-) , from Germanic *ang-, compressed, hard, painful.
2. Suffixed form *angh-os-. anger from Old Norse angr, sorrow, grief, from Germanic *angaz.
3. Suffixed form *angh-os-ti-. angst1 from Old High German angust, anxiety, from Germanic *angusti-.
4. anxious from Latin angere, to strangle, torment.
5. Suffixed form *angh-os-to-. anguish from Latin angustus, narrow.
6. quinsy from Greek ankhein, to squeeze, embrace.
7. angina from Greek ankhonē, a strangling.

[Pokorny ang̑h- 42.]

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