bhau- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root bhau-: abut, baste, beat, beetle, butt, buttock, button, buttress, confute, footle, halibut, rebut, refute, sackbut, turbot.


To strike.

Oldest form *bheh2u-, colored to *bhah2u-, becoming *bhau-.

Derivatives include beat, buttock, halibut, button, refute.

1. beat from Old English bēatan, to beat, from Germanic *bautan.
2. beetle3; battledore from Old English bȳtl, hammer, mallet, from Germanic *bautilaz, hammer.
3. baste3 probably from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse beysta, to beat, denominative from Germanic *baut-sti-.
4. buttock from Old English diminutive buttuc, end, strip of land, from Germanic *būtaz.
a. halibut from Middle Dutch butte, flatfish;
b. turbot from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Swedish but, flatfish. Both a and b from Germanic *butt-, name for a flatfish.
6. bouton, butt1, button, buttress; abut, rebut, sackbut from Old French bo(u)ter, to strike, push, from Germanic *buttan.
7. Variant zero-grade form *bhū- (< *bhuə-, metathesized from *bhəu-). Suffixed form *bhū-t-ā-.
a. confute from Latin cōnfūtāre, to check, suppress, restrain (com-, intensive prefix; see kom);
b. refute from Latin refūtāre, to drive back, rebut (re-, back; see re-).
8. Possibly reduced suffixed form *bhu-tu- (*bhəu-) footle; clafoutis from Latin futuere, to have intercourse with (a woman).

[Pokorny 1. bhā̆u- 112.]

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