dhīgʷ- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root dhīgʷ-: affix, antefix, crucify, dig, dike, ditch, fibula, fichu, finca, fix, infix, microfiche, prefix, suffix, transfix.


To stick, fix.

a. dike1, ditch from Old English dīc, trench, moat;
b. dig from Middle English diggen, to dig, from a source perhaps akin to Old French digue, trench. Both a and b from Germanic *dīk-.
2. fibula, fichu, finca, fishgig, fix, fixate, fixity, fixture; affix, antefix, crucify, infibulate, infix, microfiche, prefix, suffix, transfix from Latin fīgere, to fasten, fix, and from fībula, clasp (shortened from *fīvibula, from fīvere, archaic variant of fīgere).

[Pokorny dhēig̒ͧ- 243.]

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