gʷhedh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root gʷhedh-: bead, bid, infest, manifest.


To ask, pray.

1. Suffixed form *gwhedh-yo-. bid from Old English biddan, to ask, pray, from Germanic *bidjan, to pray, entreat.
2. bead from Old English bed(u), gebed, prayer (ge-, intensive and collective prefix; see kom) , from Germanic *bidam, entreaty.
3. Suffixed form *gwhedh-to-. infest, manifest from Latin -festus, probably in īnfestus, hostile (< *n̥-gwhedh-to-, "inexorable"; *n̥-, not; see ne) and perhaps in manifestus, caught in the act, red-handed (manus, hand; see man-2)

[Pokorny g̒ͧhedh- 488, 2. bhedh- 114.]

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