gerə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root gerə-: ageratum, crack, cracknel, crake, cranberry, crane, croon, crow, cur, geranium, geriatrics, geronto-, grackle, Grus, pedigree.


To grow old.

Oldest form *g̑erh2-, becoming *gerh2- in centum languages.
1. Suffixed lengthened-grade form *gērə-s-. ageratum, geriatrics from Greek gēras, old age.
2. Suffixed form *gerə-ont-. geronto- from Greek gerōn (stem geront-), old man.

[Pokorny g̑er- 390.]


To cry hoarsely; also the name of the crane.

Oldest form *gerh2-.

Derivatives include crack, cranberry, pedigree.

I. Words meaning "to cry hoarsely"; also words denoting the crow.
1. a. crow1 from Old English crāwe, a crow; b. crow2 from Old English crāwan, to crow; c. crack from Old English cracian, to resound; d. cracknel from Middle Dutch krāken, to crack; e. crake from Old Norse krāka, a crow; f. croon from Middle Dutch krōnen, to groan, lament. a-f all from Germanic *krē-.
2. Possibly from this root (but more likely imitative) is Germanic *kur(r)-. cur from Middle English curre, cur, akin to Old Norse kurra, to growl.
II. Words denoting a crane.
1. a. crane from Old English cran, crane; b. cranberry from Middle Low German kran, crane. Both a and b from Germanic *kran-, crane.
2. Extended form *grū-. Grus; pedigree from Latin grūs, crane.
3. Suffixed variant form *grā-k-. grackle from Latin grāculus, jackdaw.
4. Suffixed extended form *gerə-no-. geranium from Greek geranos, crane.

[Pokorny 2. ger- 383.]

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