kei- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kei-: ceilidh, cemetery, city, civic, hide, hind, incunabulum, kinesis, Shiva.


To lie; bed, couch; beloved, dear.

Oldest form *k̑ei-, becoming *kei- in centum languages.

Derivatives include city, cemetery.

I. Basic form *kei-.
1. Suffixed form *kei-wo-. a. hind3 from Old English hīwan, members of a household, from Germanic *hīwa-; b. hide3 from Old English hīgid, hīd, a measure of land (< "household"), from suffixed Germanic form *hīwidō.
2. Suffixed form *kei-wi-. city, civic, civil from Latin cīvis, citizen (< "member of a household").
3. Suffixed form *kei-liyo-. ceilidh from Old Irish céle, companion.
II. O-grade form *koi-.
1. Suffixed form *koi-nā-. incunabulum from Latin cūnae, a cradle.
2. Suffixed form *koi-m-ā-. cemetery from Greek koimān, to put to sleep.
III. Suffixed zero-grade form *ki-wo-. Shiva from Sanskrit śiva-, auspicious, dear.

[Pokorny 1. k̑ei- 539.]

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