kes- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kes-: alcazar, caret, caste, castigate, castle, castrate, chaste, incest, quash.


To cut.

Oldest form *k̑es-, becoming *kes- in centum languages. Variant *kas-.
1. Suffixed form *kas-tro-.
a. castrate from Latin castrāre, to castrate;
b. alcazar, castellan, castellated, castle from Latin castrum, fortified place, camp (perhaps "separated place").
2. Suffixed form *kas-to-. caste, chaste; castigate, incest from Latin castus, chaste, pure (< "cut off from or free of faults").
3. Suffixed (stative) form *kas-ē-. caret from Latin carēre, "to be cut off from" lack.
4. Extended geminated form *kasso-. cashier, quash1, cassation from Latin cassus, empty, void.

[Pokorny k̑es- 586.]

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