koro- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root koro-: arrière-ban, harangue, harbinger, harbor, harry, herald, heriot.


War; also war-band, host, army.

1. heriot from Old English here, army.
2. arrière-ban from Old French herban, a summoning to military service (ban, proclamation, summons; see bhā-2)
a. harbor from Old English herebeorg, lodging;
b. harbinger from Old French herberge, lodging. Both a and b from Germanic compound *harja-bergaz, "army hill" hill-fort, later shelter, lodging, army quarters (*bergaz, hill; see bhergh-2).
4. herald from Anglo-Norman herald, from Germanic compound *harja-waldaz, "army commander" (*wald-, rule, power; see wal-)
5. harness from Old French harneis, harness, from Germanic compound *harja-nestam, "army provisions" (*nestam, food for a journey; see nes-1)
6. harry, hurry from Old English hergian, to ravage, plunder, raid, from Germanic denominative *harjōn.
7. harangue from Old Italian aringo, arringa, public square, from Germanic compound *harihring, assembly, "host-ring" (*hringaz, ring; see sker-2). 1-7 all from Germanic *harjaz, army.

[Pokorny koro-s 615.]

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