kwēt- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root kwēt-: cascara buckthorn, concuss, discuss, paste, percuss, rescue, scutch, soukous, squash, succussion.


To shake.

Contracted from *kweə1t-. Zero-grade form *kwət-, becoming *kwat-.
a. cascara buckthorn, cask, scutch, squash2; concuss, discuss, percuss, rescue, soukous, succussion from Latin quatere (past participle quassus, in composition -cussus), to shake, strike;
b. pasta, paste1, pastel, pastiche, pastis, pastry, pâté, patisserie, patty from Greek passein, to sprinkle.

[Pokorny ku̯ēt- 632.]

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