nobh- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root nobh-: auger, nave, navel, nombril, omphalos, umbilicus, umbo.


Navel; later also "central knob" boss of a shield, hub of a wheel.

Oldest form *h3nobh-, variant *h3ombh- (< *h3onbh-).
a. nave2 from Old English nafu, nafa, hub of a wheel;
b. auger from Old English nafogār, auger, from Germanic compound *nabō-gaizaz, tool for piercing wheel hubs (*gaizaz, spear, piercing tool). Both a and b from Germanic *nabō.
2. Variant form *ombh-. umbo from Latin umbō, boss of a shield.
3. Suffixed form *nobh-alo-. navel from Old English nafela, navel, from Germanic *nabalō.
4. Suffixed variant form *ombh-alo-.
a. umbilicus; nombril from Latin umbilīcus, navel;
b. omphalos from Greek omphalos, navel.

[Pokorny 1. (enebh-) 314.]

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