past- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root past-: avast, breakfast, fast, fasten, handfast, steadfast.


Solid, firm.

a. fast1; shamefaced, steadfast from Old English fæst, fixed, firm;
b. avast from Middle Dutch vast, firm, fast. Both a and b from Germanic *fastuz, firm, fast.
2. fasten from Old English fæstnian, to fasten, establish, from Germanic *fastinōn, to make firm or fast.
3. handfast from Old Norse festa, to fix, affirm, from Germanic causative *fastjan, to make firm.
a. fast2 from Old English fæstan, to abstain from food;
b. breakfast from Old Norse fasta, to abstain from food. Both a and b from Germanic *fastēn, to hold fast, observe abstinence.

[Pokorny pasto- 789.]

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