plat- / Indo-European roots


To spread.

(Oldest form *pletə2-). Extension of pelə-2

Derivatives include flatter1, plant, plateau, platitude, plaza.

1. Variant form *plad-.
a. flat1 from Old Norse flatr, flat;
b. flatter1 from Old French flater, to flatter. Both a and b from Germanic *flataz, flat.
2. Suffixed variant form *plad-yo-. flat2 from Old English flet(t), floor, dwelling, from Germanic *flatjam.
3. Basic form *plat-. flan from Late Latin fladō, flat cake, pancake, from Germanic *flathō(n), flat cake.
4. flounder2 from Anglo-Norman floundre, flounder, from a Scandinavian source probably akin to Old Swedish flundra, flatfish, flounder, from Germanic suffixed nasalized form *flu-n-th-r-jō-.
5. Nasalized form *pla-n-t-. clan, plan, plant, plantain1, plantar; plantigrade, supplant, transplant from Latin planta, sole of the foot, and denominative plantāre, to drive in with the sole of the foot, plant, whence planta, a plant.
6. Suffixed zero-grade form *pl̥t(ə)-u-. piazza, place, plaice, plane4, plane tree, plate, plateau, Plateresque, platina, platinum, platitude, platy2, platy-, plaza; plateosaurus from Greek platus, flat, broad.

[Pokorny plā̆t- 833.]

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