preus- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root preus-: freeze, frost, pruinose, prurient, prurigo, pruritus.


To freeze, burn.

1. freeze from Old English frēosan, to freeze, from Germanic *freusan, to freeze.
2. Suffixed zero-grade form *prus-to-. frost from Old English forst, frost, frost, from Germanic *frustaz, frost.
3. Suffixed form *preus-i-. prurient, prurigo, pruritus from Latin denominative prūrīre, to burn, itch, yearn for, from *preusis, *preuris, act of burning.
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *prus-wīnā-. pruinose from Latin pruīna, hoarfrost.

[Pokorny preus- 846.]

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