rēd- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root rēd-: abrade, corrade, corrode, erase, erode, raclette, radula, rash, rasorial, raster, rat, rodent, rostrum.


To scrape, scratch, gnaw.

Oldest form *reh1d-, becoming *rēd-.
1. O-grade form *rōd-.
a. rodent; corrode, erode from Latin rōdere, to gnaw;
b. suffixed (instrumental) form *rōd-tro-. rostrum from Latin rōstrum, beak, ship's bow.
2. Possibly extended zero-grade form *rəd-d-, becoming *razd-, whence *rād- in Latin.
a. radula, rape3, rappee, rascal, rash2, rasorial, ratteen, raze, razor; abrade, corrade, erase from Latin rādere, to scrape;
b. suffixed (instrumental) form *rād-tro-. raclette, raster from Latin rāstrum, rake.
3. Zero-grade form *rəd-. rat from Old English ræt, rat, from Germanic *rattōn-.

[Pokorny 2. rēd- 854.]

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