reuə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root reuə-: lebensraum, ream, room, rummage, rural, rustic.


To open; space.

Oldest form *ruhx-mo-.
1. Suffixed zero-grade form *rū-mo- (< *ruə-mo-).
a. room from Old English rūm, space;
b. lebensraum from Old High German rūm, space;
c. rummage from Old Provençal run, ship's hold, space. a-c all from Germanic *rūmaz;
d. ream2 from Old English rȳman, to widen, open up, from Germanic denominative *rūmjan.
2. Suffixed form *reu(ə)-es-. rural, rustic from Latin rūs, "open land" the country.

[Pokorny reu̯ə- 874.]

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