sū- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root sū-: hog, Hyades, hyena, hyoscine, keelson, socket, soil, sow, swine.



Oldest form *suhx-, becoming *sū-; probably a derivative of seuə-1
1. Suffixed form *suə-īno-.
a. swine from Old English swīn, swine;
b. keelson from Old Norse svīn, swine. Both a and b from Germanic *swīnam.
2. Suffixed reduced form *su-kā-.
a. (i) hog from Old English hogg, hog, from British Celtic *hukk-, from Celtic expressive form *sukko-, swine, snout of a swine; (ii) socket from Anglo-Norman soc, plowshare, perhaps from Celtic *sukko-;
b. sow2 from Old English sugu, sow, from Germanic *sugō.
3. Basic form *sū-. sow2 from Old English , from Germanic *sū-.
4. soil2 from Latin sūs, pig.
5. Hyades, hyena; hyoscine from Greek hūs, swine.

[Pokorny sū̆-s 1038.]

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