s(w)eks / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root s(w)eks: hexa-, hexad, seicento, semester, senary, sestet, sestina, sex-, sexdecillion, sext, sextant, sextile, sextodecimo, six, sixteen, sixty.



Oldest form *s(w)ek̑s, becoming *s(w)eks in centum languages.
I. Form *seks.
1. six; sixteen, sixty from Old English s(i)ex, six, with derivatives sixtig, sixty, and sixtȳne, sixteen (-tȳne, ten; see dekm̥) , from Germanic *seks.
2. senary, sex-; seicento, semester from Latin sex, six.
3. Suffixed form *seks-to-. sestet, sestina, sext, sextant, sextile; sextodecimo, siesta, Sistine from Latin sextus, sixth.
II. Form *sweks. hexa-, hexad from Greek hex, six.

[Pokorny su̯ek̑s 1044.]

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