ser- / Indo-European roots


To protect.

1. Extended form *serw-. conserve, observe, preserve, reserve, reservoir from Latin servāre, to keep, preserve.
2. Perhaps suffixed lengthened-grade form *sēr-ōs-. hero from Greek hērōs, "protector" hero.

[Pokorny 2. ser- 910.]


To line up.

1. series, sertularian; assert, desert3, dissertate, exert, exsert, insert from Latin serere, to arrange, attach, join (in speech), discuss.
2. Suffixed form *ser-mon-. sermon from Latin sermō (stem sermōn-), speech, discourse.
3. Perhaps suffixed form *ser-ā-. sear2, serried from Latin sera, a lock, bolt, bar (? < "that which aligns").
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *sr̥-ti-. sorcerer, sort; assort, consort, ensorcell, sortilege from Latin sors (stem sort-), lot, fortune (perhaps from the lining up of lots before drawing).

[Pokorny 4. ser- 911.]

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