spē- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root spē-: despair, esperance, prosper, speed.


To thrive, prosper.

Oldest form *speh1-, becoming *spē-.
1. Suffixed o-grade form *spō-ti-. speed; Godspeed from Old English spēd, success, from Germanic *spōdiz.
2. Suffixed form *spē-s-. despair, esperance from Latin spērāre, to hope, denominative of spēs (plural spērēs), hope.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *spə-ro-. prosper from Latin prosperus, favorable, prosperous (traditionally regarded as from prō spērē, according to one's hope; prō, according to; see per1)

[Pokorny 3. sp(h)ē(i)- 983.]

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