stāi- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root stāi-: steapsin, stearic, stearin, steatite, steato-, steenbok, stein, stone, tungsten.



Oldest form possibly *steh2i-, colored to *stah2i-, becoming *stai- before consonants and *stāy- before vowels.
1. Suffixed o-grade form *stoi-no-.
a. stone from Old English stān;
b. steenbok from Middle Dutch steen, stone;
c. tungsten from Old Norse steinn, stone;
d. stein from Old High German stein, stone. a-d all from Germanic *stainaz.
2. Possibly suffixed form *stāy-r̥ (earlier *staəy-r̥) stearic, stearin, steatite, steato-; steapsin from Greek stear, solid fat, suet.

[Pokorny (s)tāi- 1010.]

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