swād- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root swād-: aedes, anhedonia, assuage, dissuade, hedonic, hedonism, persuade, suasion, suave, sweet.


Sweet, pleasant.

Oldest form *sweh2d-, colored to *swah2d-, becoming *swād-.
1. sweet from Old English swēte, sweet, from Germanic *swōtja-.
2. Suffixed form *swād-ē-. suasion; assuasive, dissuade, persuade from Latin suādēre, to advise, urge (< "recommend as good").
3. Suffixed form *swād-wi-. soave, suave; assuage from Latin suāvis, delightful.
4. Suffixed form *swād-es-. aedes from Greek ēdos, pleasure.
5. Suffixed form *swād-onā. hedonic, hedonism from Greek hēdonē, pleasure.

[Pokorny su̯ād- 1039.]

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