tem- / Indo-European roots


To cut.

(oldest form *temh2-).
I. Form *temə-. Nasalized form *t(e)m-n-ə-. tmesis, tome, -tome, -tomy; acrotomophilia, anatomy, apotemnophilia, atom, diatom, dichotomy, entomo-, epitome from Greek temnein, to cut, with o-grade forms tomos, cutting, a cut, section, volume, and tomē, a cutting.
II. Form *tem-.
1. Suffixed form *tem-lo-. temple1, temple3; contemplate from Latin templum, temple, shrine, open place for observation (augury term < "place reserved or cut out"), small piece of timber.
2. Extended root *tem-d- becoming *tend- in o-grade suffixed (iterative) form *tond-eyo-. tonsorial, tonsure from Latin tondēre, to shear, shave.

[Pokorny 1. tem- 1062.]

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