ters- / Indo-European roots


To dry.

Derivatives include thirst, terrain, toast1, torrent.

1. Suffixed zero-grade form *tr̥s-.
a. thirst from Old English thurst, dryness, thirst, from Germanic suffixed form *thurs-tu-;
b. cusk, torsk, tusk2 from Old Norse thorskr, cod (< "dried fish"). Both a and b from Germanic *thurs-.
2. Suffixed basic form *ters-ā-. terrace, terrain, Terran, terrene, terrestrial, terrier, territory, terroir, tureen; fumitory, inter, mediterranean, parterre, souterrain, subterranean, tartufo, terraqueous, terreplein, terre-verte, terricolous, terrigenous, turmeric, verditer from Latin terra, "dry land" earth.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *tors-eyo-. toast1, torrent, torrid, tostones from Latin torrēre, to dry, parch, burn.
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *tr̥s-o-. tarsus from Greek tarsos, frame of wickerwork (originally for drying cheese), hence a flat surface, sole of the foot, ankle.

[Pokorny ters- 1078.]

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