teuə- / Indo-European roots


To swell.

Oldest form *teuh2-.

Derivatives include thigh, thousand, thimble, tumor, butter, tomb.

1. Extended form *teuk-. thigh from Old English thēoh, thigh, from Germanic *theuham, "the swollen or fat part of the leg" thigh.
2. Extended form *tūs-. thousand from Old English thūsend, thousand, from Germanic compound *thūs-hundi-, "swollen hundred" thousand (*hundi-, hundred; see dekm̥)
3. Probably suffixed zero-grade form *tu-l-.
a. thole from Old English thol(l), oar pin, oarlock (< "a swelling"), from Germanic *thul-;
b. tylectomy, tylosis1 from Greek tulos, callus, lump.
4. Extended zero-grade form *tūm-.
a. thimble, thumb from Old English thūma, thumb (< "the thick finger"), from Germanic *thūmōn-;
b. suffixed (stative) form *tum-ē-. tumescent, tumid, tumor; detumescence, intumesce, tumefacient, tumefy from Latin tumēre, to swell, be swollen, be proud;
c. suffixed form *tum-olo-. tumulus from Latin tumulus, raised heap of earth, mound.
5. Extended zero-grade form *tūbh-. truffle, tuber; protuberate, tartufo from Latin tūber, lump, swelling.
6. Suffixed zero-grade form *tū-ro- (< *tuə-ro-).
a. butter, tyrosine from Greek tūros, cheese (< "a swelling" "coagulating");
b. obturate from Latin -tūrāre, to stop up, possibly from *tūros, swollen, coagulated, stopped up.
7. Suffixed variant form *twō-ro-.
a. sorites, sorus from Greek sōros, heap, pile;
b. quark2 from Old Church Slavonic tvarogŭ, curds, cottage cheese.
8. Suffixed variant form *twō-mn̥. soma1, somato-, -some3; prosoma from Greek sōma, body (< "a swelling" "stocky form").
9. Suffixed zero-grade form *twə-wo-. creosote, soteriology from Greek saos, sōs, safe, healthy (< "swollen" "strong"), with derivative verb sōzein, to save.
10. Perhaps nasalized extended form *tu-m-b(h)- (or extended zero-grade form *tum-) tomb from Greek tumbos, barrow, tomb.

[Pokorny tēu- 1080.]

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