weiə- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root weiə-: gain, invite, vim, violate, violent.


To go after someting, pursue with vigor, desire, with noun forms meaning force, power.

Oldest form *wihx-. Related to wī-ro-
1. Zero-grade form *wī- (< *wiə-). vim, violate, violent from Latin vīs, force, with irregular derivatives violāre, to treat with force, and violentus, vehement.
2. Suffixed o-grade form *woi(ə)-tyā-. gain1; rowen from Old French, gaaignier, gaignier, to obtain, from Germanic *waithanjan, to hunt, plunder, denominative verb from *wai-thjō, "pursuit" hunting.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *wiə-to- becoming *wī-to-. invite from Latin invītāre, to invite (in-, in; see en)

[Pokorny 3. u̯ei- 1123.]

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