wei- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wei-: exine, ferrule, garland, inion, inosine, inositol, inotropic, irido-, iris, Mimbres, seaware, vise, viticulture, vitta, wire, withe, withy.


To turn, twist; with derivatives referring to suppleness or binding.

(earlier *weiə1-).

Derivatives include wire, vise, iris.

I. Form *wei-.
1. a. wire from Old English wīr, wire; b. garland from Old French garlande, wreath, from Frankish *wiara, *weara, wire. Both a and b from Germanic suffixed form *wī-ra-, *wē-ra-.
2. Probably suffixed Germanic form *wai-ra-. seaware from Old English wār, seaweed.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *wi-riā-. ferrule from Latin viriae, bracelets (of Celtic origin).
4. Suffixed form *wei-ti-. withy from Old English wīthig, willow, withy, from Germanic *wīth-, willow.
5. Suffixed zero-grade form *wi-t-. withe from Old English withthe, supple twig, from Germanic *withjōn-.
II. Form *weiə-, zero-grade *wī- (< *wiə-).
1. Suffixed form *wī-ti-. vise; viticulture from Latin vītis, vine.
2. Suffixed form *wī-tā- becoming *wittā-. vitta from Latin vitta, headband.
3. Suffixed form *wī-men-. Mimbres from Latin vīmen, withy, wicker.
4. Probably suffixed form *wī-ri-. iridaceous, irido-, iris, Iris; iridium, iritis from Greek īris, rainbow, and Īris, rainbow goddess.
5. Perhaps suffixed form *wī-n-. inion; exine, inosine, inositol, inotropic from Greek īs, sinew.

[Pokorny 1. u̯ei- 1120.]

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