wet- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wet-: atmosphere, etesian, fan, inveterate, Odin, van, vatic, veal, veteran, veterinary, vitellus, wedeln, Wednesday, wether, Woden, wood, Wotan.


To blow, inspire, spiritually arouse.

Related to wē-. Oldest form *h2wet-

Derivatives include Wednesday, atmosphere.

1. Lengthened-grade form *wōt-.
a. Woden; Wednesday from Old English Wōden, Woden;
b. Odin from Old Norse ōdhinn, Odin;
c. Wotan from Old High German Wuotan. a-c all from Germanic suffixed form *wōd-eno-, *wōd-ono-, "raging" "mad" "inspired" hence "spirit" name of the chief Teutonic god *Wōd-enaz;
d. wood2 from Old English wōd, mad, insane, from Germanic *wōdaz;
e. Celtic *wāt-. vatic from Latin vātēs, prophet, poet, from a Celtic source akin to Old Irish fáith, seer.
2. O-grade form *wot-. wedeln from Old High German wedil, fan, from Germanic suffixed form *wath-ila-.
3. Suffixed variant form *wat-no-. fan1, van3 from Latin vannus, a winnowing fan.
4. Oldest basic form *əwet- becoming *awet- in suffixed form *awet-mo-. atmosphere from Greek atmos (< *aetmos), breath, vapor.

[Pokorny 1. u̯āt- 1113.]



1. Suffixed form *wet-ru-. wether; bellwether from Old English wether, wether, from Germanic *wethruz, perhaps "yearling"
2. Suffixed form *wet-es-.
a. veteran; inveterate from Latin vetus, old (< "having many years");
b. veterinary from Latin veterīnus, of beasts of burden, of cattle (perhaps chiefly old cattle);
c. etesian from Greek etos, year.
3. Suffixed form *wet-olo-. veal, vitellus from Latin vitulus, calf, yearling.

[Pokorny u̯et- 1175.]

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