wl̥kʷo- / Indo-European roots

Examples of words with the root wl̥kʷo-: aardwolf, alyssum, lobo, loup-garou, lupine, lupus, lycanthrope, lycopene, lycopodium, lytta, wolf, wolfram.



a. wolf from Old English wulf, wolf;
b. aardwolf from Middle Dutch wolf, wulf, wolf;
c. wolfram from Old High German wolf, wolf;
d. Frankish *wulf, wolf, in compound *wer-wulf (see wī-ro-). a-d all from Germanic *wulfaz.
2. Taboo variant *lupo-. lobo, lupine1, lupine2, lupus, robalo; loup-garou from Latin lupus, wolf.
3. Taboo variant *lukwo-.
a. lycanthrope, lycopene, lycopodium from Greek lukos, wolf;
b. suffixed form *lukw-ya. lytta; alyssum from Greek lussa, martial rage, madness, rabies ("wolf-ness").

[Pokorny u̯l̥k̒ͧos 1178.]

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