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Cultural Publications

Harper's MagazineXML
The AtlanticXML
National Geographic MagazineXML


National Geographic News XML
MIT Research News - HumanitiesXML
MIT Research News - Literature, languages and writingXML
MIT Research News - Innovation and inventionsXML
MIT Research News - Security studies and militaryXML
MIT Research News - Urban studies and planningXML
NPR InterviewsXML
Time Magazine Photo EssaysXML
Time PicturedXML
Urban CartographyXML


Washington Post ReligionXML
NPR ReligionXML

News Media



EDGAR Index Free SEC Filing DirectoryXML
NPR Legal AffairsXML

Art, Culture and Design

Exhibitions at the NY Public Library (Research Libraries)XML
Exhibitions at the NY Public Library (Branch Libraries)XML
Events at the NY Public LibraryXML
Art and Design News from LuckyPixXML
London Review of BooksXML
NPR Arts & CultureXML
Village Voice Arts sectionXML
Guardian Unlimited ArtsXML
Guardian Unlimited BooksXML
NPR Performing ArtsXML
NPR Visual ArtsXML
NPR Visual CultureXML
NY Times ArtsXML
NY Times DesignXML
NY Times BooksXML
NY Times Books ReviewXML
NY Times TheaterXML
Washington Post BooksXML
NPR AuthorsXML
MIT Research News - ArchitectureXML
MIT Research News - Media Lab / media arts and sciencesXML
MIT Research News - Music / music technologyXML
Guardian Unlimited Culture VultureXML
Cartoon ModernXML


Daily New Yorker CartoonXML
For Better or For Worse XML
Piled Higher and DeeperXML
Dilbert XML


NY Times Fashion & StyleXML
NY Times Thursday StylesXML
NY Times Sunday StylesXML
NY Times WeddingsXML
Washington Post StyleXML


Movie reviews from NPRXML
Village Voice Film sectionXML
Guardian Unlimited Film newsXML
NY Times Movie NewsXML
NY Times Movie ReviewsXML
NY Times Movies - Red CarpetXML
Rotten Tomatoes News HeadlinesXML
Rotten Tomatoes In TheatersXML
Rotten Tomatoes Top MoviesXML
Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh MovieXML
Rotten Tomatoes Top DVDsXML
Rotten Tomatoes New DVD ReleasesXML
Rolling Stone Reviews: MoviesXML
Rolling Stone Reviews: DVDsXML


Village Voice Music sectionXML
BBC News EntertainmentXML
NPR Music: Classical MusicXML
NPR Music: JazzXML
NPR Music: Live at NPRXML
NPR Music: Pop MusicXML
NPR Music: World MusicXML
NPR Pop CultureXML
NY Times MusicXML
NY Times Television NewsXML
Rolling Stone Music NewsXML
Rolling Stone Reviews: CDsXML
Rolling Stone PhotosXML
Rolling Stone VideosXML


People Magazine Celebrity PhotosXML
US Magazine Celebrity NewsXML


Guardian Unlimited FootballXML
Guardian Unlimited SportXML
NY Times Sports XML
NY Times College BasketballXML
NY Times College FootballXML
NY Times GolfXML
NY Times HockeyXML
NY Times Other SportsXML
NY Times Pro BaseballXML
NY Times Pro BasketballXML
NY Times Pro FootballXML
NY Times SoccerXML
Washington Post SportsXML
Washington Post NFLXML
Washington Post NBAXML
Washington Post MLBXML
Washington Post MLSXML
Washington Post NHLXML
Washington Post WNBAXML
Washington Post College FootballXML


National Geographic TravelerXML
National Geographic AdventureXML
NY Times TravelXML
NY Times EscapesXML
GoArticles TravelXML

Home and Garden

NY Times Real Estate XML
NY Times Home & Garden XML
Washington Post Real EstateXML
Washington Post DC Area LivingXML
Washington Post Home ImprovementXML
Interior Design Magazine XML
GoArticles Home RepairXML
GoArticles GardeningXML

Food, Cooking and Recipes

Kitchen Window - recipes and food commentary from NPR XML
Recipe of the Day from Recipe Center XML
Diabetic Recipes XML
Quick & Easy RecipesXML
Low Fat RecipesXML
Kids' FavoritesXML Dinner RecipesXML Healthy RecipesXML Entertaining RecipesXML Baking RecipesXML
NY Times Dining & WineXML

Children and Education

Blogging Baby XML
NPR Children's HealthXML
NY Times Education XML
Education GuardianXML
Washington Post EducationXML
Washington Post "Class Struggle"XML
NPR EducationXML


Time Daily RxXML
NY Times Health XML
NY Times Fitness and NutritionXML
NY Times Health PolicyXML
NY Times Mental Health & BehaviorXML
Popular Science Magazine MedicineXML
BBC News HealthXML
Washington Post HealthXML
Washington Post Lean Plate ClubXML
Washington Post Moving CrewXML
Washington Post Quick StudyXML
NPR Health CareXML


EarthWire/UK NewsXML
NPR EnvironmentXML
MIT Research News - Earth and atmospheric sciencesXML
MIT Research News - EnvironmentXML
MIT Research News - EnergyXML

Science & Technology

Science Magazine Current Issue XML
Science Magazine News Summaries XML
This Week in ScienceXML
Science Magazine's NetWatch -- Best of the Web in scienceXML
ScienceNOW Daily HeadlinesXML
Guardian Unlimited ScienceXML
NY Times ScienceXML
NY Times EarthXML
BBC News Science/NatureXML
Washington Post ScienceXML
NPR Health & ScienceXML
NPR Research NewsXML
MIT Research News - Biology, biotechnology and genetics XML
MIT Research News - Chemistry and chemical engineeringXML
MIT Research News - Civil engineeringXML
MIT Research News - Health sciences and technologyXML
MIT Research News - Materials scienceXML
MIT Research News - MathematicsXML
MIT Research News - Mechanical engineeringXML
MIT Research News - NeuroscienceXML
MIT Research News - Nuclear engineeringXML
MIT Research News - Oceanography and ocean engineeringXML
MIT Research News - PhysicsXML
Popular Science Magazine Top StoriesXML
Wall Street Journal Personal Technology/Walt Mossberg (Subscription Only)XML

Aviation and Space

NASA Breaking NewsXML
NASA Image of the DayXML
NASA Earth ObservatoryXML
NASA Space Research NewsXML
NY Times SpaceXML
MIT Research News - Aeronautical and astronautical engineeringXML
MIT Research News - Space, astronomy and planetary scienceXML
Popular Science Magazine Aviation & SpaceXML


Guardian Unlimited TechnologyXML
NY Times Technology XML
NY Times AutomobilesXML
BBC News TechnologyXML
Washington Post TechnologyXML
Washington Post Tech PolicyXML
Wall Street Journal Technology News (Subscription Only)XML
MIT Research News - Computer science and technologyXML
MIT Research News - Electrical engineering and electronicsXML
MIT Research News - Nanoscience and nanotechnologyXML
MIT Research News - Robotics / artificial intelligenceXML
MIT Research News - Technology and societyXML
Popular Science Magazine General TechnologyXML
Newsweek Technology - Brad StoneXML
NPR TechnologyXML
CIO News AlertsXML top 20 recent downloadsXML
InfoWorld: Top NewsXML
Network World NetFlashXML
Playlist Features/ReviewsXML
The Wireless ReportXML

Technology Reviews

Digital Camera reviews from Dpreview.comXML Reviews - Most Recent Computer SystemsXML Reviews - Most Recent DesktopsXML Reviews - Most Recent HandheldsXML Reviews - Most Recent CamcordersXML Reviews - Most Recent Cell PhonesXML Reviews - Most Recent Home AudioXML Reviews - Most Recent PeripheralsXML Reviews - Most Recent NotebooksXML Reviews - Most Recent Digital CamerasXML Reviews - Most Recent Portable AudioXML Reviews - Most Recent Home VideoXML Reviews - Most Recent SoftwareXML Reviews - Most Recent Networking and WirelessXML
PC World Magazine Latest NewsXML
PC World Magazine TechlogXML
Today @ PC WorldXML
PC World Magazine Most Popular Downloads of the WeekXML
PC World Magazine Most Popular Downloads of the MonthXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular DesktopsXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Digital CamerasXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular PDAsXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular MP3 PlayersXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular NotebooksXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular PrintersXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular ScannersXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular MonitorsXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular CD-RWXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Wireless PhonesXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Home NetworkingXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Graphic BoardsXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Hard DrivesXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular CamcordersXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Photo EquipmentXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular Computer HardwareXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular ElectronicsXML
PC World Magazine Today’s Most Popular SoftwareXML

Information Technology main feedXML book reviews XML news for developers XML apple news XML game newsXML hardware news XML interviewsXML IT newsXML Linux newsXML politics newsXML science newsXML
Wired MagazineXML

Internet Technology News and Blogs

Webmaster WorldXML
Jeremy ZawodnyXML
Matt CuttsXML

Web Design

456 Berea StreetXML
A List Apart XML
The Web2.0 ShowXML

Business and Economy

NY Times Business PageXML
NY Times Media & AdvertisingXML
NY Times World BusinessXML
NY Times Your MoneyXML
Guardian Unlimited BusinessXML
Guardian Unlimited Business InsightXML
MIT Research News - Business and managementXML
MIT Research News - EconomicsXML
Wall Street Journal US Business (Subscription Only)XML
Wall Street Journal Market News (Subscription Only)XML
Wall Street Journal Opinion - Review & Outlook (Subscription Only)XML
Wall Street Journal Media & Marketing (Subscription Only)XML
BBC News BusinessXML
Washington Post BusinessXML
Washington Post Business PolicyXML
Washington Post Click & ClackXML
Washington Post Defense Industry NewsXML
Washington Post EconomyXML
Washington Post Financial Industry NewsXML
Washington Post IndustriesXML
Washington Post InvestingXML
Washington Post Metro BusinessXML
Washington Post Oil and Gas PricesXML
Washington Post Pentagon Procurement NewsXML
Washington Post Personal FinanceXML
Washington Post Struggling AirlinesXML
Washington Post Transportation Industry NewsXML
Washington Post Week in StocksXML
NPR BusinessXML
NPR EconomyXML
NPR Personal FinanceXML

News Publications

NY Times HomepageXML
NY Times MagazineXML
Guardian Unlimited front pageXML
BBC News Front PageXML
BBC News MagazineXML
Washington Post Front PageXML
Huffington Post Latest NewsXML
Huffington Post blog contributorsXML
Huffington Post featured contributor postsXML
Huffington Post complete feedXML
NPR All Things ConsideredXML
NPR Morning EditionXML
NPR Talk of the NationXML
NPR News & Notes with Ed GordonXML
NPR Day to DayXML
NPR Fresh Air with Terry GrossXML
NPR The Motley Fool Radio ShowXML
NPR Weekend Edition SaturdayXML
NPR Weekend Edition SundayXML
NPR World CafeXML
Wall Street Journal Today's Free FeaturesXML

International News

NY Times International NewsXML
NY Times Africa NewsXML
NY Times Americas NewsXML
NY Times Asia NewsXML
NY Times Europe NewsXML
NY Times Middle East NewsXML
BBC News AfricaXML
BBC News AmericasXML
BBC News Asia-PacificXML
BBC News EuropeXML
BBC News Middle EastXML
BBC News South AsiaXML
Washington Post WorldXML
Washington Post IraqXML
Washington Post AfricaXML
Washington Post North AmericaXML
Washington Post South AmericaXML
Washington Post Central AmericaXML
Washington Post Asia/PacificXML
Washington Post EuropeXML
Washington Post Middle EastXML
Newsweek Top Stories International EditionXML
Newsweek World NewsXML
Newsweek World News - Fareed ZakariaXML
Newsweek World News - Christopher DickeyXML
NPR World NewsXML
NPR Middle EastXML
Wall Street Journal Europe News (Subscription Only)XML
Wall Street Journal Asia News (Subscription Only)XML

National News

NY Times National NewsXML
Washington Post Top NewsXML
Washington Post NationXML
Washington Post National SecurityXML
Washington Post Homeland SecurityXML
Washington Post MilitaryXML
Washington Post IntelligenceXML
Washington Post CourtsXML
Newsweek Top Stories US EditionXML
Newsweek National NewsXML
Newsweek Terror Watch - Michael Isikoff and Mark HosenballXML
Wall Street Journal US News (Subscription Only)XML


NY Times Washington SectionXML
Washington Post Federal PageXML
Washington Post ElectionsXML
Washington Post CongressXML
Washington Post Bush AdministrationXML
Washington Post PoliticsXML
Newsweek Politics - Howard FinemanXML
Newsweek Politics - Eleanor CliftXML
NPR Politics & SocietyXML
NPR PoliticsXML
Rolling Stone PoliticsXML
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