abandoned ship

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Noun1.abandoned ship - a ship abandoned on the high seasabandoned ship - a ship abandoned on the high seas  
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
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LASBELA -- Death toll from gas cylinder blast and fire took place at an abandoned ship at Gadani ship-breaking yard in Gadani area of Lasbela district has risen to 26 after three more laborers suffered to their burn wounds on Sunday.
But a plan to deliver a pump on board the vessel was abandoned after rescuers arrived and saw the crew had abandoned ship into the boat's liferaft.
The crew of the cattle ship Ezadeen, thought to be people smugglers, had abandoned ship.
ITALIAN coastguards abseiled from helicopters on to the deck of a boat in distress yesterday to find crew had abandoned ship and set it to autopilot.
About 30 minutes after the Sewol began tilting, a crew member asked a marine traffic controller whether passengers would be rescued if they abandoned ship off South Korea's southern coast, the transcript, released Sunday, showed.
I have yet to see one word on the destroyer USS Dickerson at Okinawa and how, in April 1945, two suicide planes dove into the Dickerson and 52 men abandoned ship.
htm) Schettino allegedly abandoned ship , the Mumbai native stayed on to help other passengers to safety and even gave one his own lifejacket.
The 63 year old had abandoned ship after his 11-metre yacht was dismasted in foul weather 500 nautical miles off the southern coast of Tasmania.