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Located away from or on the opposite side of the axis, as of an organ or organism.


(æbˈæksɪəl) or


(Botany) facing away from the axis, as the surface of a leaf. Compare adaxial


(æbˈæk si əl)

being or situated away from the axis: the abaxial surface of a leaf.
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Adj.1.abaxial - facing away from the axis of an organ or organismabaxial - facing away from the axis of an organ or organism; "the abaxial surface of a leaf is the underside or side facing away from the stem"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
adaxial, ventral - nearest to or facing toward the axis of an organ or organism; "the upper side of a leaf is known as the adaxial surface"
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For morphometric assessments, including length, number and thickness of the epidermal papillae and its corresponding gaps in the coronary corium, laminar corium of the abaxial wall and sole, images were captured and analyzed using the LAS EZ[R] software.
leucocephala tree vertical canopy stratification (upper, middle, basal parts, and trunk), horizontal stratification (branch orientation related to sun exposure: north, south, east, and west faces) and leaf surfaces (adaxial and abaxial parts).
5 mm long, located on the rachis, between the proximal pairs to leaflets; rachis 35-125 mm long; interfoliolar segments 4-8 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 18-20 pairs, chartaceous, adaxial surface glabrous, abaxial surface pilose, 10-19.
polypodioides type 3d trichomes are present only along the midrib on the abaxial surface, and type 4a trichomes are located only on the leaf margins of S.
Caption: FIGURE 1-Evolution of symptoms (erinosis) caused by Aceria licthii on the abaxial surface of litchi leaves of Bengal variety (A-E).
Ao final do periodo experimental, plantas sob deficiencia hidrica apresentaram maior espessura da epiderme da face adaxial, do parenquima esponjoso, da epiderme da face abaxial e da espessura total do limbo foliar em relacao as plantas do tratamento-controle (irrigacao diaria) (Tabela 2).
6 A), o con la lamina normalmente glabra entre venas en la cara abaxial (Fig.
1A), son pubescentes en la ambas superficies (adaxial y abaxial) observandose en mayor cantidad en la superficie abaxial (Fig.
Anatomical Analysis (LM and SEM): In abaxial epidermis, the leaf epidermal cells were polygonal type, thick smooth walled, the average length of epidermal cells was 125 (90-160) um and the average width was 110 (80-140) um, the stomata were few in number and their type was diacytic.