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Adv.1.abaxially - in an abaxial manner
adaxially - in an adaxial manner
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4 mm, reddish to brown, margin laciniate, prematurely deciduous; petiole 4-8 mm long, shallowly canaliculate, purplish red adaxially, green abaxially, with a ringlike articulation near its base; leaf blade elliptic to narrowly elliptic, 8-10 x 2.
7,8) However, echocardiographic measurements are not highly reliable in birds, and the RVOT is difficult to evaluate because it is curved in a spiral fashion from the right ventricle along the interventricular septum cranially and then abaxially to the lungs, and the imaging windows that can be obtained from TCE are highly dependent on patient cooperation and size.
Figure 2D), but it is abaxially projected in species of Chusquea (Figures 2A, B) and adaxially projected in Padoriolyra micrantha (Figure 2C; Table 2).
Chlorenchyma cells are aggregated abaxially in the mid rib region.
Sepals abaxially densely tomentose and adaxially glabrous, incurved in anthesis, the 4 lateral sepals abaxially biglandular, the anterior sepal eglandular.
5 cm long, pilose (10-12 celled trichomes); blade asymmetrical, oblong, 1921 X 8-10 cm, base oblique, shorter side acute, longer side rounded, apex acute, margin dentate, adaxially green, densely reddish pubescent (4-7 celled trichomes), veins obscure; abaxially green, sparsely reddish villous (7-11 celled trichomes), 11-12 veins on the larger side of the blade; smaller leaf petiolate, petioles 1-1.
In Acorus (Acoraceae, Acorales), the putative sister to all other monocots, the perianth is more developed abaxially than adaxially (Buzgo & Endress, 2000).
8:1; apices commonly retuse, sometimes rounded; crenate-dentate; leaves when yet unfolded adaxially subglabrous, with minute glandular hairs throughout, pubescent and tomentose over teeth, and puberulent here and there on surface, pubescent from a few teeth apices, tufted on midvein and some secondary veins, when newly unfolded adaxially subglabrate except at apex and base; abaxially pubescent (rays planar), golden-tomentellous, later glabrate, glabrescent, gray trichomes, with primary to fifth order veins raised; white striae (wax?
5-3 cm, suberect, glabrous abaxially, inconspicuously and sparsely white lepidote adaxially, covered by an oleaginous substance, completely green or red at the base and green toward the apex; branches 10 to 12 in number (including the terminal one), 1.
Current maintenance and remedial practices are specifically focused on improving heartwood durability, and many of the utilities now employ holes drilled abaxially into the poles around the critical ground-line zone (Greaves and McCarthy 1986, 1993).
Costae are quite prominent, adaxially sulcate, rather curved abaxially, moderately scaly, and densely pilose.