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A loose robe worn by Muslim women, especially in Arabic-speaking regions, covering the body from head to toe or the neck down and often worn with a headscarf and veil. Also called aba.

[Colloquial Arabic 'abāya, from Arabic 'abā'a, variant of 'abā', aba.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a long black long-sleeved robe worn by Muslim women in Arabic-speaking countries, often with a headscarf or veil
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Noun1.abaya - (Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toeabaya - (Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe; traditionally worn by Muslim women
robe - any loose flowing garment
Arabic, Arabic language - the Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects
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The biggest Abaya shop retailer in KSA, BEDOON ESSM, even recommends using only Persil Abaya Shampoo on black Abayas.
The event's success comes as it celebrates the tradition of abayas and shows our pride in them," she said.
It's sheer, so you can also just wear around the house," said Nadine Waked, of Artisanat Waked, which specializes in abayas and other crafts.
Although traditional Omani abayas are bright and colourful, here in the city you only see women wearing black abayas.
The third edition of the exhibition showcases the region's finest fashion in abayas, kaftans and stylish evening gowns with designers coming from Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.
From the fabrics to the cuts and the colours of the abayas, Abedin says she wanted to pay tribute to the Indian festival of Holi.
She said that she sends the designs of the abayas that she makes to a workshop in Saudi Arabia with a total number of 20 abaya designs per year.
Lamya Abedin, the Emirati designer who gave abayas an all new fashion statement, has launched her label in Harvey Nichols Riyadh, at Al Faisaliah Mall.
No wonder, with the onset of Ramadan on August 11, abayas became one of the hottest items on the purchasing list of women in the country.
She said: "Nowadays, in the malls, I even see expatriates wearing abayas - and not just Arab ladies.
Abayas represented adulthood for me, I only started wearing the abaya on a daily basis around three years ago, and it made me feel like a grown elegant Emirati woman.
Designers, however, have increasingly recognised the demand for abayas with a bit of extra flair.