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In America, as everyone knows, girls early sign the declaration of independence, and enjoy their freedom with republican zest, but the young matrons usually abdicate with the first heir to the throne and go into a seclusion almost as close as a French nunnery, though by no means as quiet.
The king and queen who are at present occupying my throne are very old and tottering, and are going to abdicate shortly in my favor.
Royalties may not abdicate," fell as a warning from pretty lips.
God wills also that thou abdicate a manifold and duplex life, and that thou be content that others speak for thee.
The Allies defeated Napoleon, entered Paris, forced Napoleon to abdicate, and sent him to the island of Elba, not depriving him of the title of Emperor and showing him every respect, though five years before and one year later they all regarded him as an outlaw and a brigand.
SHOCKING: Gerald was so flabbergasted he decided to abdicate
The lawsuit contends that while the province was entitled to reduce duplication and overlap by participating in the federal assessment process, it was not entitled to abdicate its decision-making power over the project.
Norman Lloyd-Edwards, who was Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan until 2008, said the rumours were just "rumours, without any basis in reality" and that he never expected the Queen to abdicate.
He said: "Johann Lamont's He said: "Johann Lamont's stock response when faced with tough choices appears to be to abdicate the responsibility of political leadership and pass the buck to others.
com/2014/camilla-parker-bowles-queen-elizabeth-prince-william-charles-kate-middleton-fights-crown/) Globe magazine, Prince William and Kate Middleton are the Queen's choice to sit on the throne when she decides to abdicate her post.
Kazakhstani Deputy Foreign Minister Yerzhan Ashikbayev described Spanish King Juan Carlos's decision to abdicate as sad news, but one that he respected from the monarch who made immense contributions to bilateral relations.
The King of Spain is the second European monarch to abdicate in just over a year.