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abecedarian, abecedary

a teacher or learner of an alphabet.
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An alliterated ALLOCUTION by the Letter A against Alcohol and all alcoholic admixtures, agencies and appliances; and also advocating all ATTEMPERANCE; as addressed at ABECEDARY ALHAMBRA, afore all.
The section is a sequence of ballads and includes lipograms, songs, and an abecedary.
discovered in ancient Israelite territory, and commonly held to have been written in the Old Hebrew script: the Tel Zayit abecedary and the Gezer Calendar.
AJANENSIS as a species name as 566 hits, and an abecedary could start Abies ajanensis, Betula aj.
Despite "whole language," one must learn one's abecedary before one can be "enriched" through the presence of books.
Literate Culture and Tenth-Century Canaan: The Tel Zayit Abecedary in Context.
The character of the inscription itself is not altogether helpful in this regard: it is an abecedary containing the twenty-two letters of the Northwest Semitic alphabet.
In chapter two's examination of the paleography of the Tel Zayit abecedary (pp.
ABCDRE abecedary ABTULSM habitualism CNMNE sea anemone CTUACNLSM situationalisn FECLET officiality FEKCT efficacity FXULET effectuality IDLSM idealism LENACN alienation LOQCNRE elocutionary LUCNSM illusionism MEDAC immediacy MN8RE emanatory MRLET immorality NDVDULET individuality NFEKCS inefficacious NILACN annihilation NSNCLET inessentiality NTAVACN antiaviation FTXPRENCLSM antiexperientalisn OBDNC obediency RKDN Arcadian RRR aurora SNCLET essentiality SOCACN association SOCATVT associativity SSNACN assassination XEBCNSM exhibitionism XSRE accessory 309 threonine 4NR foreigner 6SM sexism 8NUACN attenuation
This mnemonic abecedary of names, most of them Yahwistic ('Uriah, Beniyah, Gemaryah, etc.
And even the venerable Iroha abecedary, for which any number of correct versions exist in several languages, comes in for its lumps; in her interlinear version she misunderstands late OJ uwi, a loanword from Chinese where in turn it was a calque on Skt.