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 (ăb-hôr′ənt, -hŏr′-)
1. Disgusting, loathsome, or repellent.
2. Feeling repugnance or loathing.

ab·hor′rent·ly adv.
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Thus far he explained himself by a variety of gestures, during the performance of which he would dart out of the house, and point abhorrently towards the Happar valley; running in to us again with a rapidity that showed he was fearful he would lose one part of his meaning before he could complete the other; and continuing his illustrations by seizing the fleshy part of my arm in his teeth, intimating by the operation that the people who lived over in that direction would like nothing better than to treat me in that manner.
Rosa puts her hands to her temples, and, pushing back her hair, looks wildly and abhorrently at him, as though she were trying to piece together what it is his deep purpose to present to her only in fragments.
This can be seen in the way masculinities are framed in, for example, the media, in which, when men are depicted as objects, it is often assumed to be for the gaze of the homosexual male subject, which makes the image abhorrently external to heteronormativity (Bern, 1993).
But this law would present a danger to the rest of us because of Florida's abhorrently low standards,'' said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
I AM writing this in response to the provocative and offensive statement by David Freud that some disabled workers could be paid less than the minimum wage, which is abhorrently discriminatory and regressive in its entirety.
This and other cases suggests an attitude infected certain celebrities in Britain so they felt free to behave abhorrently and exploit their fame for the cruellest of purposes.
The current constitution also does not abhorrently conflict with establishing free market policies, which is what Egypt must maintain to achieve economic growth.
Punishing Americans for their moral objection to life-ending drugs and devices is abhorrently un-American," said AUL's Dr.
The imprisonment of the nation's most abhorrently stupid father prompted both media and government to further divide the nation on welfare issues.
Calling on Goldman Sachs to cease accepting payments from Russia, the human rights group said, 'Goldman Sachs has a reputation for knowing global finance, but it has behaved abhorrently when it comes to human rights and assessing investment risk in Russia.
This would certainly not be a reason for secrecy unless the family had an abhorrently high regard for magical (that is, racial) purity.