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In the valleys her and there might be seen a small flock of wild geese, an everywhere the ground was so soft that the snipe were abl to feed.
One look at the eye-like nose turret on the ABL aircraft and there is little doubt that the future is upon us at last.
Under the terms of the ABL deal, Merck will acquire all the Billingham firm's assets including its process development and scale-up, manufacturing, quality and business support operations.
The BCR-ABL PCR amplicon spans the breakpoint between the BCR and the ABL sequences.
Today, we successfully demonstrated the critical element necessary for the ABL to enter the next phase of its testing,'' said Jim Evatt, vice president and general manager of Boeing Missile Defense Systems.
The prime contractor's costs for developing ABL have nearly doubled from the Air Force's original estimate and additional cost growth is occurring.
ABL assists over 200 companies each year into international markets and offers a wide range of tailor-made services.
ABL infection was diagnosed by fluorescein-labeled antirabies monoclonal globulin (CENTOCOR) in a fluorescence antibody test (FAT) on impression smears of fresh brain.
The ABL needed to market to the lesbian community," says a lesbian employee of one WNBA team, "I don't think the WNBA needed to do that.
Thomas VanCott, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABL commented, "We are extremely excited at the prospect of applying novel approaches, platforms and technologies in support of NIAID's mission to develop candidates against a wide range of infectious diseases.
The campaign is designed to increase dialogue and care for ABL - a little discussed bowel health condition.
ABL has also been promoting human rights, good health and has contributed substantially to reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.