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ab·la·tive 1

Of, relating to, or being a grammatical case indicating separation, direction away from, sometimes manner or agency, and the object of certain verbs. It is found in Latin and other Indo-European languages.
1. The ablative case.
2. A word in this case.

[Middle English, from Latin ablātīvus, from ablātus, carried away; see ablation.]

ab·la·tive 2

1. Of, relating to, or capable of ablation.
2. Tending to ablate.

[From ablation.]

ab·la′tive·ly adv.


in a way that relates to the melting or wearing away of an expendable partin a way that relates to the ablative case
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The problem arose due to the longer thrust decay transient of our new Merlin 1C regeneratively cooled engine, as compared to the prior flight that used our old Merlin 1A ablatively cooled engine.
The Merlin 1C is an improved version of the Merlin 1A ablatively cooled engine, which lofted the Falcon 1 on its first flight in March 2006 and second flight in March 2007.