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I say so on the basis of my observations of a meeting I recently had the misfortune to witness, at the sub-committee planning applications meeting held at the town hall on Friday, January 16, for an application of an abortion provider to open a town centre abortuary.
He was known for his unfailing defense of the unborn, and could often be seen witnessing for the unborn in front of the Henry Morgentaler abortuary.
In fact, in 1999, our major abortuary in Kentucky stopped doing abortions.
Nitschke presented his idea of a floating Australian euthanasia clinic shortly after Dutch abortionist Rebecca Gomperts announced she would offer abortions in her floating abortuary to circumvent the law in countries where the procedure is justly banned.
80) Afterwards, Scheidler bragged about the invasion and took credit for it, saying that he had "[s]hut down an abortuary for a couple of days.
I was reminded of this recently when an area news story regarding the possible excessive euthanization of animals at a local SPCA brought public outrage, but there is never any mention in the same media regarding the ongoing atrocities at a local abortuary.
As a Toronto City Councillor, Layton stood among the crowd who mocked and yelled at pro-life activists who peacefully witnessed to the dignity of all human life before Morgentaler's Toronto abortuary in October 1988.
I want to make it clear," Sedlak said, "that STOPP cannot defeat the Lancaster abortuary.
Abortion is the nurse so haunted by the gruesome imams of the abortuary that she is driven to drink to erase them from her mind.
But, near the end, it turns from a homily into a horror story with an explosion of violence: a courtroom shooting, a murder/ suicide, and the bombing of the abortuary.
Planned Parenthood, which operates the state's sole abortuary, has promised to file suit, setting up an anticipated Supreme Court challenge.