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1. Situated or taking place on or above the surface of the ground: aboveground nuclear testing.
2. Operating or existing within the establishment; conventional: journalistic practices unacceptable to the aboveground press.

a·bove′ground′ adv.



1. situated on or above the ground.
2. not secret, hidden; open.
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Adj.1.aboveground - on or above the surface of the groundaboveground - on or above the surface of the ground; "aboveground nuclear testing"; "surface instruments for detecting oil deposits"; "surface transportation"
surface - on the surface; "surface materials of the moon"
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The aboveground building masses are divided into dre 6 floors with a recessed staggered storeys.
The contract includes seven aboveground storage tanks with capacity in excess of 1 MMbbls.
Natural Gas Peaker and Pumped Hydro Storage LCOE Range for Traditional CAES, World Markets: 2013-2023 Estimated Capital Cost Breakdown for an Aboveground Isothermal CAES Plant Levelized Cost of Aboveground Isothermal CAES vs.
The proposal poses a challenge to Energy Minister Jibran Bassil, who has insisted that his ministry's plan to install high voltage power lines aboveground connecting major power stations in Metn's Bsallim and the Beirut suburb of Aramoun is necessary to improve the country's failing electricity network.
Faster than manual cutters and safer than chop saws, these lightweight, pneumatic powered machines are portable to the jobsite and are used aboveground, in water or in trenches.
In this research woody aboveground biomass measurements are done in secondary forests in East-Kalimantan, Indonesia, in three locations: Bukit Soeharto (secondary forest), KRUS (secondary forest) and PT REA (secondary forests nearby and inside an oil palm plantation).
Five-year performance ratings are presented for two types of untreated, uncoated wood joints (L and lap) in aboveground tests under shaded conditions.
The narrator of Ellison's text, like his ancestor Fred Daniels in Richard Wright's "The Man Who Lived Underground," finds himself alienated from an aboveground reality which reacts to his black body by negating his mind, denying his voice, and limiting his physical movement.
4 billion Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program and a cornerstone of the SFWMD Acceler8 Program, will consist of an aboveground 190,000-acre-foot reservoir with approximately 20 miles of levees/embankment, seepage canals, a new pump station, and a new four-lane bridge on US Highway 27.
More specifically describing the scope of this contract as follows A) the removal and disposal of the existing legacy semi-permanent buildings including portions of the existing aboveground and underground infrastructure;B) adapting and / or renew the existing aboveground and underground infrastructure;C) supplying, building and operational delivery of the new semi-permanent housing (including the development of the drawings - at DO level - to frame level).
tall crops, or other vegetation can conceal aboveground facilities or the location of a line and cause problems.