Mentioned previously.
The one or ones mentioned previously.


(əˈbʌvˌmɛn ʃənd)

mentioned above; aforementioned.
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Additional Information Can Be Obtained From The Abovementioned Address
Azerbaijan received $639,000 from USAID in 2017 for the abovementioned purposes, while another $1 million was allocated as military financing.
The committee decided, in light of (suspected) irregularities under abovementioned categories, to refer the relevant reports along with documents, including accusations against "the concerned parties for suspected squandering of public funds and submitting the case to the public prosecution on charges of committing a criminal offense.
30am respectively for the purpose set out in the abovementioned Sections of the said Act.
Under the abovementioned amendments, the cost of visiting a general practitioner will be determined by the Council of Ministers.
Nova Makedonija has learned that the abovementioned functionary is former interior minister and former presidential candidate Ljubomir Frckoski.
Shareholders are being asked to consider and approve the abovementioned transaction at the Company's Annual General Meeting to be convened on 30 November 2010.
The total value of exports of Iran's aquatic products in the abovementioned period reached $100 million with a 53 percent increase compared to the same period last year.
In details of the accident, a UNIFIL tank, on board of which were the abovementioned soldiers, veered from its path this morning within the vicinity of Rashaya Al-Fokhar in the Eastern Sector region.
Benefits of the abovementioned drugs may well outweigh individual risks.
The abovementioned artists will perform at the Greek Theatre, on Saturday, May 10, for the historical event titled "Salsa Meets Jazz Night at The Greek.
VNU BME is the leading European technology publisher in the seven abovementioned countries in advertising and readership market share.