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 (ä-bräsh′, ə-bräzh′)
The natural and variable change in color that occurs in an Oriental rug over time when different dyes are used.

[Arabic, mottled, possibly of Persian origin.]
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Abrash also expressed the importance Syria attached to Turkey during the talks, Arinc said.
Abrash is known worldwide for his work in highly optimized computer graphics, a topic about which he has written several books (including Zen of Graphics Programming, Zen of Assembly Language, and Zen of Code Optimization) and dozens of magazine articles for publications such as Dr.
Wilshire's traditional and transitional styles are cross-woven on a Wilton loom, adding an abrash effect.
Abrash is due to hold talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Caretaker Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi as well Larijani.
The Antiquities Collection, comprising four Persian patterns designed by Nourison, features an abrash look that is achieved through a "major advancement in yarn and weaving technology," which, according to the company, is a modified cross-woven technique for which the patent is pending.
During the meeting, Abrash criticized the stance adopted by certain Arab countries on the Palestinian issue, and said the Israeli regime would not consider a withdrawal from its stances as long as such policies and measures prevail among these Arab states.
The nation and government of Syria loudly announce their principled and friendly stance that nuclear energy is an inalienable right of the Iranian nation," Abrash said, speaking at an open session of the Iranian parliament here in Tehran today.
Representing the next generational advancement of game play and design, QUAKE's technology was developed by industry vanguards, John Carmack and Michael Abrash, using a totally new engine -- the first new core technology from id since DOOM.
Amman, July 15 (Petra)--The Palestinian Prisoner Club said on Wednesday that the health of the prisoners Mohammed Abrash and Ibrahim Al-Ghaseen, constantly deteriorating due to medical negligence and procrastination policy in providing necessary medication and treatment.
Abrash went to ISS office in the west of Gaza City.
He elaborated that Abrash Capital has invested Rs30 million in KESC in 3 years and another amount of six million rupees was expected by next years.
Bassam Ayoubi, arrested Fouad Abrash in the town of Halba in Akkar, 24 hours after he fled the scene of the crime.