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1. The act of cutting off.
2. Botany The shedding of leaves, flowers, or fruits following the formation of the abscission zone.

[Latin abscissiō, abscissiōn-, from abscissus, past participle of abscindere, to cut off : ab-, ab- + scindere, to cut; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]


(æbˈsɪʒən; -ˈsɪʃ-)
1. (Botany) the separation of leaves, branches, flowers, and bark from plants by the formation of an abscission layer
2. the act of cutting off
[C17: from Latin abscissiōn-, from ab-1 + scissiō a cleaving]


(æbˈsɪʒ ən, -ˈsɪʃ-)

1. the act of cutting off; sudden termination.
2. the normal separation of flowers, fruit, and leaves from plants.
[1605–15; < Latin abscissiō. See abscissa, -tion]
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Noun1.abscission - shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plantabscission - shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant
shedding, sloughing - the process whereby something is shed
2.abscission - the act of cutting something offabscission - the act of cutting something off  
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
circumcision - the act of circumcising; surgical removal of the foreskin of males
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This abscission layer is constructed so as to prevent the tree from "bleeding to death'' when the leaves detach from the tree.
Among the growth regulators used to promote thinning, Ethephon, which releases ethylene when in contact with plant tissue, thus promoting abscission, has been considered to be more efficient compared to NAA (DOMINGUES et al.
The attenuated base and well-developed abscission zone of the wild achenes facilitate disarticulation as soon as the fruits are ripe, and this minimizes the period that they are available for predation by birds.
When fully grown, an abscission layer is formed between the gemmiphore and gemma.
Interaction of euonymus scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) feeding damage and severe water stress on leaf abscission and growth of Euonymus fortunei.
Plant growth regulator control many physiological processes including cell division, root initiation, apical dominance, leave senescence, leave abscission, vegetative growth, and flowering [1].
We located 15 trees of each species within each site and randomly chose 15 leaves from each plant to calculate rates of herbivory and percentage of area consumed by herbivores at the end of the growing season prior to leaf abscission.
We will focus on the function of the midbody ring (MR), a protein-dense organelle that forms at the site of abscission during cytokinesis.
Reis & Souza (1998) observed that the continuous sucking of sap by nymphs causes sap depletion and premature abscission of the apical leaves of coffee plants, resulting in reduced coffee production if the pest is not controlled.
beta]-1,4- glucanase participates in processes such as vegetative growth, fruit ripening and the abscission of plant organs, [31,9] supported the idea that the tomato [beta]-1,4 glucanase responds to pathogen infection and supports a relationship between plant defense responses and fruit ripening.
Depending on the species, petal senescence is visibly shown by wilting or abscission or even wilting followed by abscission.
Direct injury to citrus by ACP results from phloem feeding on emerging foliage (flush), which causes permanent distortion or even abscission of new shoots with heavy infestation (Michaud 2004; Hall & Albrigo 2007).