absentee vote

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absentee vote

A vote as cast by absentee ballot.

absentee voter n.

ab′sentee vote′

a vote cast by a person who, because of absence from the usual voting district, illness, etc., has been permitted to vote by mail.
ab′sentee vot′er, n.
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City and County offices in Honolulu sped up the processing of more than 75,000 absentee voter ballots during election season, by electronically storing signatures in DocuShare for quick retrieval during the authentication process.
Dubai The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai has announced plans to reach out to individual Filipino organisations under its auspices for the Overseas Absentee Voter Registration (OAVR) process.
use integrated technology to confirm authenticity of absentee voter registrations -
These patents cover such diverse areas of technology as: absentee voter ballot processing, improved print quality for postal readability, and recipient control over delivery.
The purpose is to announce an urgent media campaign designed to heighten absentee voter participation among displaced Louisiana residents currently in the New York metropolitan area.
As stated in the Official Voter Information Guide mailed to all registered voters, "The Absentee Voter Ballot should be mailed or brought to the Board of Elections.
McCormack attributed the shift to a law change two years ago that allowed anyone in California to apply for permanent absentee voter status - meaning voters no longer have to apply for an absentee ballot every election.
The Town Council politics have been contentious with backers of plans to expand the small rural airport attempting to take over the Town Council through the absentee voter process in November.
The absentee voter pilot project can be found online at the SBE's website (www.
Consul Mendoza explained that under the OAV rules, an absentee voter can only cast his ballot in the country where had registered.
The commercials are timed to go along with a mail program to voters who will be getting their absentee voter forms to be submitted, beginning Monday.
Translation requirements caused a slight delay in the printing process, and a misdirected delivery by a printer caused a delay in mailing sample ballots to several thousand voters, so some received their absentee voter ballots a couple of days before their sample ballots.