Absolute time

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time irrespective of local standards or epochs; as, all spectators see a lunar eclipse at the same instant of absolute time.

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It even navigates users to the nearest entrance when they are lost in places like Times Square - which can be an absolute time and life saver.
Quantity, as well as order, is naturally assumed in Newton's absolute time, so that to declare the mere relative order sufficient is to have to show how quantity can arise for it.
1 also offers users greater control over the Acoustic Response time window, with either auto or manual setting of the window start time and establishment of an absolute time zero for measurement.
Going into this I was bronze medal hopeful but the good thing is that we've been working on improving my absolute time so that if I do make a mistake in the final I can still come away with a medal.
Although no absolute time for allowing a woman to remain in the active labor phase has been determined, the document states that women who have never delivered should be given at least 3 hours to push, while women who have delivered previously should be given a minimum of 2 hours.
We've got the extinction nailed in absolute time and duration," said Sam Bowring, the Robert R.
It is not the absolute time that you travel, it is about being delivered to the most appropriate centre for that care," he said.
a special BBC programme to mark 10 years in the conflict - that the Army was "committed to deliver against that timeline - whether or not it turns out to be an absolute time line or more conditions based approach nearer the time, we shall find out.
The importance [of the new findings] is not the absolute time estimates we found; it's the magnitude of the difference.
The unit finally selected for the SAAO's time service allows an EPROM change to alter its algorithm from position-priority to time-priority, yielding nano-second absolute time accuracy.