absolute space

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Noun1.Absolute space - physical space independent of what occupies itabsolute space - physical space independent of what occupies it
infinite, space - the unlimited expanse in which everything is located; "they tested his ability to locate objects in space"; "the boundless regions of the infinite"
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Geographic information has largely called forth self-sufficient entities that have intensive properties, are indexed by location in an absolute space, and are known objectively through a geographic gaze.
Harvey holds that we must be willing to look beyond existing constructs of the absolute space of the nation-state and fixed, clearly demarcated individual identities to new, relative and relational ways of understanding space and time that see new possible identities across borders and subject to rapid change.
Newton used this experiment in part to argue that the physical effect (the concavity of the water) of the water's rotation occurred not in relation to the objects nearby, but in relation to an absolute space.
Newton's physics stipulated a static and fixed framework for the universe based on concepts of absolute space and absolute time that were considered independent of one another.
This paper aims to elucidate a problematic feature of Newton's metaphysics of absolute space.
By contrast, Isaac Newton's "Protestant bottoms-up inductive style," also fitted with certain absolute pretensions (think of Newton's notion of absolute space and time).
Just as important is the historical development of the subject, for there was a time when powerful notions of absolute space and absolute time held sway, and to suggest otherwise was heresy.
It is obvious that such metaphysical 'absolute' space is not an absolute space; this example does away with absolute space.
Proposing a double narrative to express how reality is mediated by the imagination, Plumi questions the existence of absolute space without an actor to animate it.
Absolute space was the result of humans' spatial practice, namely, their physical interaction with the natural environment, driven by the need for survival.
There is nothing in Newtonian physics that requires absolute space, yet scientists could not give up the idea of a fixed rigid universe until Einstein and others got rid of it.
Albert Einstein said, "Newton might no less well have called his absolute space ether .