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Figure la illustrates the continental and oceanic total flash count diurnal (in LST) variation in absolute units.
The value of external pressure, when ophthalmic artery blood flow parameters in both segments are the same, will be fixed and expressed automatically in absolute units (mmHg) [3, 4, 8-10].
This occurs independently of airway and lung tissue properties because we express resistance and compliance in absolute units (ml/cmH2O and cmH2O/liter/second).
Exerting caution when applying TDABC, which requires people to give estimates in absolute units rather than percentages.
This technology can help doctors better identify and manage those patients at risk for complications from stroke, traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage due to decreased cerebral blood flow by providing continuous, real-time, soft-tissue perfusion measurements in absolute units.
The RAMP ratio factors out the absolute units of fluorescence through the ratio calculation itself; the ratio is a relative value of the measurement of signal at the detection zone divided by the sum of the detection zone and the internal control zone.
Research contributions helped define the early international system of measurement units and bring about the transition to absolute units based on fundamental principles and physical and dimensional measurements.
Inbreeding depression in absolute units was calculated by using cycle means from those environments where the trait of interest was measured on both the [S.
The rotor was a biconical type -- this allowed the results to be expressed in absolute units and so the data could be compared to those obtained on other instruments such as capillary rheometers.
Like Greider, the steelmakers tended to think in terms of absolute units of output, rather than profitability.