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tr.v. ab·so·lu·tized, ab·so·lu·tiz·ing, ab·so·lu·tiz·es
To make absolute; change into an absolute: absolutize a moral priniciple.


(ˌæbsəˈluːtaɪz) or


vb (tr)
formal to make absolute


(ˈæb sə luˌtaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to render absolute; consider or declare perfect, complete, or unchangeable.
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Hence, the price for that relativization of truth and absolutization of form (called by some as excess formalism) is brutal destruction of the professional ethics," Vengelov says.
The most important consequences of Palamas' victory were the absolutization of Hesychasm's influence within the Byzantine society as well as rapid geographical propagation of the practice outside Byzantium proper.
Topics include: the theoretical redefinition of EU-defined "religious terrorism" as "Islamo-bandit" acts of asymmetrical warfare for the advancement of a geopolitical goal; the discursive construction of the friend-enemy distinction in relations between the United States and Iran; US and European utopian aspirations in Afghanistan as a driver of chaos, absolutization of enmity, and a permanent state of exception; the need to contextualize Western academic framings of the ideology of Islamism as a factor in the design of Western policies; and the ideological role of Salafism in the Sunni-Shia split in Iraq.
Not only does this disregard, for example, the chilling possibility of an unjust peace, its absolutization of order necessarily absolutizes disorder and therefore difference and dissent: "As in pure war, difference itself is a block to the end of peace" ("Realism" 471).
Rather than decolonial studies, "identity politics" tend to reproduce colonial relations that manifest two main tendencies: one based in Anglo-American "light" liberal multiculturalism and the other based on the chauvinist and nationalist absolutization of one's own ethnic/racial identity to the detriment of dialogue and alliance with other racially oppressed groups.
One major implication of this in Wiredu's notion of universals is that a conceptual universal, which is the cornerstone of his position, will amount to an absolutization of superior cultures' conceptual particularism on other cultures of the world.
He also snubbed present Minister of Finance Simeon Djankov early ambition to join the Euro, describing his 2009 priorities as "naive absolutization of the idea of joining ERM-II against all odds.
It was a modern Russian, the Dostoyevskian philosopher Sergei Levitzky, who noted that "the denial of the Absolute leads to the absolutization of the relative," in effect, to the deification of the self.
Exclusivistic ecclesiologies suffer from an absolutization of cataphatic theology; they leave little room for human freedom or the freedom of God, which, according to the scriptures, "blows where it wills" (John 3:8).
This correction goes beyond repudiating Husserl's absolutization of consciousness.
In the absolutization of such freedom, Uncle George smelled tyranny.
Absolutized freedom is in tension with the absolutization of scientific-technological control, and vice versa.