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tr.v. ab·so·lu·tized, ab·so·lu·tiz·ing, ab·so·lu·tiz·es
To make absolute; change into an absolute: absolutize a moral priniciple.


(ˌæbsəˈluːtaɪz) or


vb (tr)
formal to make absolute


(ˈæb sə luˌtaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to render absolute; consider or declare perfect, complete, or unchangeable.
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He does not have to be pious to betray the range of possibilities unleashed by absolutizing any given position, in accordance with the Hegelian version of boasting.
That is internal and selective, and works neither because of the idea of the "races", nor because of the emphasizing of some inequalities, but because of the essentialization and absolutizing of the differences between groups of people.
The invisible and systemic nature of white privilege came through in my absolutizing my own limited, privileged position and making all others the object of my goodwill.
Absolutizing this opposition of consciousness bars the preconscious psyche, without which the unconscious habitual aspects of language and thought could not operate, and intelligence, whose awareness of both objects and mental activity is crucial for any grasp of signs and meaning.
In any culture, when we lack of distinction between the gospel and culture we fail to note the inherent corruption in culture, which leads to absolutizing our own culture.
Linda Hogan asks another set of questions about the limits of conscience, about the problems of absolutizing the right of conscience, and about whether, when one invokes conscience, one upholds or erodes the integrity of the polity.
Whilst accepting that Braidotti's challenges to sedentarist, essentialist metaphysical accounts of the transcendental subject are still politically relevant, it will be argued that the deployment of the nomadic figure--and more generally, the positing of an ontology of creative desire, or 'becoming'--risks not only absolutizing the historical contingencies of the digitized, postindustrial society that it seeks to criticize, but actually reinforcing the unsustainable ideology of perpetual production upon which such a society is premised.
Francis made no mention of these incidents, but expressed hope that "this blessed land may be one which has no place for those who, by exploiting and absolutizing the value of their own religious tradition, prove intolerant and violent towards those of others.
In the same vein, he says in reply to another question: "It is becoming clear that a Church does not grow by withdrawing into some national shell, by separating herself, by shutting herself up in a certain culture and absolutizing it, but that the Church needs unity, that she needs something like a primacy.
As such, Paul explains that sin paradoxically gains power over people by absolutizing what believers rightly perceive as the good.
Just as in personal ethics, where Buddhist texts argue that compassion is selfinterested, the sutra claims that compassionate state policy is ultimately self-beneficial and rejects the idea that absolutizing national or personal interest is actually in the national or personal interest.
Our only aim has been to try to convince the reader not only that it is possible to rediscover thought's absolutizing scope, but that it is urgent that we do so .